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Tri-State Research Fund

You Can Help Us Fund the Brightest Minds in Cancer

What is the Tri-State Cancer Research Fund?
The Tri-State Cancer Research Fund will raise critical dollars restricted to Research Pay-If Grants existing in Ohio, West Virginia, and Northern Kentucky.

What is a Research Pay-If Grant?
Grants that have been "approved" through the review process, but fall below the funding line.

Mission of the Tri-State Cancer Research Fund
The American Cancer Society ends up annually with more grants approved than our budget can support. The mission of the Tri-State Cancer Research Fund will be to ensure no research, approved by ACS goes unfunded. There will be an added emphasis with this established fund to support Health Equity-based research and enhance diversity in cancer research. The next breakthrough in cancer research could be in this pool of scientists that our current budge cannot currently support.

How will funds be raised?
All funds donated during the Raise the Paddle portion of our Cincinnati Golf Classic will be restricted to this fund.

The American Cancer Society currently supports over 700 active research grants, with more than $400 million in investments from cancer. Still, there are many meritorious research projects that cannot start without additional funding.

You can help end cancer. Your generous support of our Pay-If Fund could lead to the next big discovery in cancer research.

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